DP Camp Warner Kaserne Page 2

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DP Camp Warner Kaserne Page 2
These photos are donated by Miss D. L. Tibble, Field Supervisor of Warner Kaserne, Sub area Munich, Munich-Freimann camp Photos taken between: Dec. 15 1946 - May 31 1950 Residents were Ukrainians, Lithuanians and others


1. Warner Kasern farmers

Camp Police 2

2. Warner Camp Police

Funeral of Police Chief

3. Camp Police at funeral of Police Chief


4. Sports in camp Football team (soccer) with Van Eck & Wills

Flag event on sports field

5. Event on sports field with American flag

Parade Lithuanians

6. Lithuanians with flag


6a. Lecture facing front

lecture 2

7. Lecture facing rear

Group on stage

8. Group on stage

People in Auditorium 8a

8a. People in Auditorium (shows the mass of people who lived in Warner Kaserne)

Visit of US Army officer

9. Visit of US Army Officer

People 10


people 11


people 12


people 13

13. Second Amnericanation course; 1st discussion Group of Mrs. Trabant from Bill to Miss D.L. Tibble

Girl Guide group 14

14. Girl Guide group and campus residents in the big hall at Warner Kaserne

Staff 15

15. Staff at DP camp Warner Kaserne

warner staff 16

16. Staff at DP camp Warner Kaserne

People 17 Staff

17. Staff at DP camp Warner Kaserne

People Auditorium 18

18. In auditorium, children in costumer up front. Audience is watching ballet performance by camp dancers.

People watching ballet 19

19. Audience watching ballet in hall.

Big shots 20

20. 'Big shots' come to visit Warner Kaserne, 1949
Col.__?__ Swartz Cox (Belveder at back); photogrpher J.Gaidys

dignitaries leave

21. Dignitaries leave: after second Russian visits; with US Army major and DP heads of groups.
Photograph by Earl H. Meneau

auditorium 22

22. Assembly in big hall, children in first four rows

Soviet car 23

23. The Soviet visitor's car is surround, attacked & burned.

24.The burned out car of the Soviet visitors

25. Car overturned and burnt

Shipping into camp or shipping out to new countries

Soviet burnt papers

26. The burnt papers of the Soviet visitors

packing up 27

27. Moving in or moving out.
They had very little when they moved in.

28. People saying goodbye

people loading onto trucks

29. Trucks in front of Tower taking DP residents out.

shipping out 30

30. DP residents leaving camp.

Transport leaving 31

31.Transport leaving: People at train going to new homes

saying goodbye to camp life

32. Saying goodbye to camp life

Warner people 33

33. Under Hitler SS guards had first class acommodations while...

freight cars

34. (see below)

34. 'untermensch' (below human) rode in the freight cars. Deutsches Reichsbahn Transport - These are the same German railroad freight wagons which transported them to camp.

Mon, Jan 21, 2019
Subject: RE: Warner Kaserne dp camp photos

Thank you for sharing these. This was a massive place with thousands of people living there after the war. This was not a good place, lots of horror stories I’m sure.
But looking at the photos, no matter where the Ukrainians went, hardships or not, they blossomed like a flower with their religious beliefs and traditions.
No matter where you look, you just see it. Daria bono@warwick.net

July 31, 2020 Dear Ms. Kaczmar,
I am writing about post-WWII forced repatriation to the USSR and ran across your site in connection with the protest against a visit of a Soviet repatriation officer to Freimann camp (Warner Kaserne) in Munich in 1948. You have on your site a number of photographs from Dorothy Tibble's album relating to the attack on the Soviet repatriation officer and his car during the visit. I would like to use a couple of those photos in my text and wonder if I could trouble you for some high-resolution images.

Taking this request one step further, I wonder if you would be interested in eventually placing what must be a very rich trove of material on DPs you have collected at the Hoover Institution Archives? We already have significant material on DP camps in various collections, including a good deal on Latvian DPs and the Estonian camp at Geislingen:

Please stay healthy and keep up the fantastic work you are doing on your site!
Best regards, Anatol Shmelev shmelev@stanford.edu

Anatol Shmelev, Ph.D.
Robert Conquest Curator for Russia and Eurasia
Hoover Institution
Stanford University
Stanford, CA 94305-6010
Tel.: (650) 724-6200
Fax: (650) 736-0012

(PS: I come from a Ukrainian-Russian family that was also in the camps: at Freimann in 1945-47)

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