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DP Camp Warner Kaserne, page 1
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These photos are donated by Miss D. L. Tibble, Field Supervisor of Warner Kaserne, Sub area Munich, Munich-Freimann Photos taken between: Dec. 15 1946 - May 31 1950 Residents were Ukrainians, Lithuanian and others
The buildings and surrounding complex
Building Photo1
Building photo 2
Building photo 3

Warner Caserne tower, 7 stories high at the entrance to the camp. The windows are blown out and it is impossible to get glass. The rooms are not occupied. Block C can be seen in the distance.

SS barracks and parade gound

Building 4 photo

Building and park parade ground

buildig 5

Building and park parade ground

Block C

builidng photo 7
Building 8

Warner building

Collecting Dry Rations

Collecting dry rations

Miss Tibble writes: Block C - There are 3 other blocks of the same size: Adminstrative Block, Wash? houses, garages, etc.; over 700 rooms in all, with miles of corridors. In this picture, it looks really more ...?..It's a bleak barte horrible place ...typical German barracks. This Block was less bombed than Barracks A & B which we had to do a great deal of work in repairing.

Miss Tibble writes: Here is the main entrance. Entry for ? passengers, and park and camp police check-in, seen at left. Entrance for vehicles is in the centre and waiting place for bus passengers on right. The number shown in the left entrance pillar is the code relating to the blowing up of the Kaserne as soon as the US troops are ready to pull out of Germany. All former Army buildings are so marked.

embroidery 2

Ukrainian women embroidering

children 1

children in Ukrainian costume
Children 5

Girls in Ukrainian costume

Performance Dutch boy and girl

Performance Dutch girl and boy

Performance Knight

Performance knight

Boy 1 dance

Dance routine

Ukrainian Box

Ukrainian Fancy Handicraft postcards

Ukrainian box interivio


Ukrainian Fancy Handicraft 1


Ukrainian Handicraft 2


Fancy Handicraft 12

Crosses, plaques & albums Team 1066


handicraft 15

wood plates, table cloths, pillows

Fancy handicraft 14

pillows & misc Ukrainian embroidery

Fancy handicraft 13

Doiles and table coverings

Fancy Handicraft 16


fancy handicraft 17

Ukrainian shirts and blouses

3 People

3 unidentified people:This might be Mrs. Sebree and General Sebree and Miss DL Tibble (standing).

Back of photo

Ukrainian, 1950: on good memories of _______ ____ Urevec?

Machine Shop

Machine Shop

Greek Orthodox Church Interior

Greek Orthodox Church Interior in Warner Kasern

Children LIned up for midday meal

Camp children queing for midday meal

Children in Cafeteria

Children in cafeteria

Warner Childrens Bakery

Children's Bakery

Warner Bakery Signatures

Signatures on rear of photo


Farm fields

Growing vegetables outside

Farm interior

Growing flowers and food inside

Signatures on rear of photo of staff, presented to Miss Tibble 12.8. 1947 This is children's bakery in Munich Freeman Camp

Dear Director Mrs. Tibble,
(Some are Ukrainian, some not.)Temnyok; Bamilave? Leonstaff; Priss; ?; Pavrexiene; Tefma gin?s?, Savouka,H. Bunilacty?, Ozolins, Kuriga Marie; Petrokov? Lasilo, ?inrosa Olga; A. Eniss?

Tailor Shop

Tailor Shop 1

Tailor Shop 2

Tailor Shop 2


General Eisenhower 

General Eisenhower visiting Warner Kasern Compilation of Munich Freiman SS Kaserne DP center
with building and General Eisenhower.

Compilation photo

UNNRA 107 compilation photo of soldiers, dignateries
and medical facilities

WarnerK Mom & Baby

A typical camp room in Warner Kasern with Mom and Baby

Costumes in Warner Kasern


Left to right:
Ukrainian Western, Ukraininan Hutsul in long skirt, Lithuanian in long skirt, Lithuania in long skirt, Ukrainian Eastern in ribbons
Center: Mrs. Sebree and General Sebree
Russian, Latvian in long skirt, Latvian in long skirt, Lamook
at right end: Ukrainian in ribbons, short skirt and boots


Lithuan Children's dance

Lithuanian girls in dance 1947

Lithuanian children

Lithuanian children in national costume 1947

Lithuanian Women Dance 1

Women dance in native costumes 1

Lithuanian Women dance 2

Women dance in native costumes 2

LIthuanian people in costume

Yugoslav Children in costume with pastor and family

Lithuanian Ceromony

Lithuanian ceremony

Lithuanian Craft 1

Lithuanian Craft Exhibit 1

Lithuanian Craft 2

Exhibit 2

LIthuanian Craft3

Exhibit 3

Lithuanian crafts 4

Exhibit 4

Lithuanian craftt 5

Exhibit 5

Lithuanian Craft 6

Exhibit 6

Lithuanian Craft 7

Exhibit 7

Teachers and Students

Lithuanian teachers and students

Warner 6  = 5 men


Warner Kassern
Warner 1 people
Warner 2 wedding

This post card photo shows the SS Warner Kaserne building in Munich, Germany. This building was originally constructed to be the headquarters of Hitler’s guard regiment but ended up as a replacement station for the artillery units on the Eastern front. This building was huge and very well protected from bombings. War ended and building was deserted; in 1945 it was taken over by UNESCO org. to be maintained as a temporary home for the DP's. When Winzer was disbanded, this is where we were all sent to (in 1948) prior to leaving Germany to different parts of the world. Provided by Daria bono@warwick.net

Below photos were submitted by Dianne Melnyk diannamelnyk@hotmail.com and Tony Masiuk

Photos of grandparents at Warner Kaserne (Munich-Freimann) DP camp, 1946-1948 from
Facebook site DP Life Tony Masiuk

Warner 3 inside church
Warner 4 crowd

Wedding procession at Warner Kaserne

Wrner 5

Inside church

The original photographs are now housed at:
Robert Conquest Curator for Russia and Eurasia
Hoover Institution
Stanford University
Stanford, CA 94305-6010
Tel.: (650) 724-6200
Fax: (650) 736-0012

Anatol Shmelev, Ph.D. * E-mail: shmelev@stanford.edu

Dear Olga,
I note with interest the few Ukrainian photos from the Munich Freimann Warner Kaserne that you have kindly posted online.

I wondered whether there might be any photographs of art exhibitions or artists at the same DP camp among the packet of photos that these were taken from? I'm researching a Lithuanian sculptor, Vincas Jomantas, who lived at Munich Friemann c. 1945-48.

Any assistance would be much appreciated.
Yours sincerely,
Jane Eckett.

24th infantry http://libraryautomation.com/

Ernst Von Bergmann web page (formerly Warner Kaserne)

Nov 24, 2019
Hello Olga,
My name is Nadeschda (Nadja Acosta) Krawec.
I was born at the IRO Hospital in Munich, Germany in 1950. My parents Teodor Krawec, from Olshana, Ukraine, my mother Henriette Krawec (Hoeren) from Düsseldorf m, lived in the Warnerkaserne from 1949 to 1951 when they immigrated to the US.

Any information you may be able to obtain would be greatly appreciated. Also if you have any info of the Krawec family in Olshana, Ukraine.
My parents are both deceased, and I would love to pass information to children and grandchildren. I should mention that I speak and read fluent German.

Thank you, Nadja Acosta acostah5@gmail.com

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