Displaced Persons -Lintorf, Germany

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Displaced Persons -Lintorf German DP camp Lintorf German site (British zone), #3187, #41/187,
Ukrainians, Poles, Yugoslavs, see also Ratingen Lintorf is a quarter in the northern part of the city Ratingen in North-Rhine-Westphalian (Germany); city in the northwestern part of Berg - about 12 km northeast of Duesseldorf.

Verein Lintorfer Heimatfreunde e.V."

Altes Lintorfer Rathaus (2. Etage)
D-40885 Ratingen - Lintorf
Manfred Buer: +49 2102 - 33931
Mail: info@lintorf-die-quecke.de
Website: http://www.lintorf-die-quecke.de/

City archives: Stadtarchiv Ratingen Dr. Erika Münster, Archivleiterin
Mülheimer Str. 47
Tel.: 02102 / 550-4190
Joachim Schulz-Hönerlage, Dipl.-Archivar
40878 Ratingen
Tel.: 02102 / 550-4191
Fax: 02102 / 550-941
E-Mail: stadtarchiv-1@ratingen.de

11/25/04 Dear Olga
I hope you can help me. I am trying to trace or find any information about my deceased father's family. My Dad came to the UK in 1947. I have found his Registration/Identity card which states he was born in Tworenny, Krakow. Another card has an address of Tworylne Street 80 Sanok. He lost all contact with his family when he was taken from his home and sent to a camp at Lintorf. I would be very grateful if you could help me to make some progress as at the moment I am not making any. Thank you for your assistance. Anna Rutherford (Nee KORNAS)

1/30/08 Olga
Thank you. After the Americans came to Kapellen in 1945, mum and dad were taken temprarily to Anrath. From there they first went to the Dormagen camp (which was mainly Polish) for a short while and then to Lintorf - where they stayed from 1946 to 1947. From there they went to Seedorf in about 1948 before being processed for emigration to Australia at Fallinbostel in 1948. They left for Australia from Naples in 1949, arriving in Melbourne a month later. From there they were taken to Bonegilla - but because mum had a baby girl (my sister and was pregnant with me) she went to Cowra for a few weeks as the facilities for mothers was better there. They both finally came to Canberra in 1948. Do you know if there are any photos of the camps at Dormagen, Lintorf and Seedorf which are from that era??
Regards, Peter Ilyk ilyk@grapevine.com.au

March 6, 2012
Sadly your site, although very rich in information and more than an interesting read, was not shining any light on my families' exploits. They were at Lintorf which is proving a bugger to find anything about, period.

Attached is a picture of a wedding in Lintorf. I see my dad in it but I see no other I recognise -- date circa 1946. They left Lintorf in 47' as a couple (my mother and father) to UK. The lower picture is my dad's brother's family, found in Poland by Red Cross. We think after war circa 1955.
Lintorf Wedding Procession 1946-7
Dad's Brother' Family in Poland

Your site moved me and my contribution is of little value compared to your site and the emotional response it triggered. Regards
Peter P. Gulaiczuk peterpgulaiczuk@aol.com

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