Munich München Displaced Persons Camps

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München / Munich (U.S. zone), Jews, Ukrainians, Balts, Russian Boy Scout troops in camp.
Ukrainian Free Acad. of Science and Shevchenko Scientific Society published from Munich. Prior to closing in 1947, UNRRA Univ. had 1,400 students (majority Ukrainian, Latvian and Poles) (Wyman, p. 125) Ukrainian Free University broke off from Harvard research team because they wanted to be identified as Ukrainians, not Russians (Wyman, P.158).

Ukrainische Freie Universitat - Bibliothek (Library)
Pienzenauerstrasse 15
81679 Muenchen
Tel: 089/99738845
Fax: 089/99738850

State archives: Staatsarchiv für Oberbayern: Hauptstaatsarchiv V
D 8000 München 22, Schonfeldstr. 3

City archive / Stadtarchiv Muenchen
Winzererstrasse 68, 80797
Muenchen Deutschland Germany
Tel: 089/123-4031, -4032, -4033, -4034,
Fax 089/123-5301,

City archive / Stadtarchiv Münster
Hörsterstrasse 28
48127 Münster
Tel: 02 51 - 4 92 47 01
Fax: 02 51 - 4 92 77 27

City offices:
Tel. (089) 233-00 (Call-Center)

Deutsches Museum, Archiv,
Museumsinsel 1,
D-80538 München,
Tel.: 089/2179-220, Telefax: 089/2179-324

Sudetendeutsches Archiv e.V.,
Hochstr. 8, 81669
Tel.: 089/4800030

Gemeindearchiv Gräfelfing,
Egerländerstr. 1,
82166 Gräfelfing

Archive of Munich workers / Archiv der Münchner Arbeiterbewegung e. V.,
Ebenböckstr. 11, 81241
Tel.: 089/8344683

Universitätsarchiv der Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München,
Geschwister-Scholl-Platz 1,
80539 München

Institut für Zeitgeschichte München
Leonrodstrasse 46 b
80636 München
Tel.: 089.126880
Fax: 089.1231727

Russian orthodox / Russisch-orthodoxe Diözese des orthodoxen Bischofs von Berlin und Deutschland KdöR, Archiv,
Schirmerweg 78,
81247 München

Ukrainer in Munchen und der Bundesrepublik. Prokoptschuk, Gregor. Verlag Ukraine. 112s. 24cm. Language--G. Munchen, 1959,
at Shevchenko Scientific Society Library

United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration Archives Record Group: PAG 4 Box 18-22: District 5: Mittenwald, Feldafing, Munich, Leipheim

City of Munchen history:

9/14/07 Hi Olga,
I came across your site while looking for information on my grandfather, he worked for the IRO in Area 7 as a transport officer, his name was Thomas Greenwood. From a reference letter I have it states the following:

Mr. Thomas W. Greenwood, after considerable experience as Transport Officer in British Zone, Germany, was transferred to the IRO Area Team 1066 on 29 September 1947 at Grade 8. With the amalgamation of Teams 1066 and 1069, Mr. Greenwood became Transport Officer of new Area 7 and on 1 April 1948 was promoted to Grade 10. At the time of his resignation (to resettle in Australia) Mr Greenwood was in charge of an organization consisting of fourteen (14) Officers and approximately 1000 employees and responsible for the operation and maintenance of approximately 600 motor vehicles, as well as rail freight transport, engaged in the logistic support of 55,000 Displaced Persons in U. S. Occupation Zone, Germany.

Greenwood & staff 1948

Tom Greenwood and Staff, 1948 (Click photo to enlarge.)

Here is the only photo of my grandfather with some of his staff we have. I would be very grateful for any additional information you may be able to provide. Kind Regards, Tim Blanks

We got the copy of the "International Refugee Orgainization Resettlement Status Slip" that was issued from the Munich Resettlement Center. The center is IRO Area Munich - Sub Area Rosenheim - Mulhldorf. By writing the authorities in Munich (we knew that my grandparents and my father had been interredin Rosenheim after the war) they sent us a copy. Along with this copy we were also issued what the Munich government had for birth and marriage certificates. Hope this helps. Mary Parker

I have a friend who came from a DP camp in Munich. She was born there in 1946 and was brought to America in 1949 or 1950. She was separated from her mother and would like to information on how she could locate her. She knows very little except for the fact that her mother apparently went to Bueno Aires. If you can make any suggestions on where to begin it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you Carole

Olga's reply: The web site of Direcciën Nacional de Migraciones de Argentina is
Buenos Aires office's address is:
Av. Antärtida Argentina 1355, Retiro, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Are you familiar with a Polish slave labor camp close to Munich (Munchen) called SLONIE? It's a Polish name. Whether it's the name of the camp or just a Polish name, I don`t know... Just found out that`s were my mother was taken for about 3 years when she was about 16 years old....The information on your web-site is always interesting and informative. Thanks, Stan Bycko

Hi Olga, You can't get tired of hearing how great a service you provide. I came across this site because I am trying to gather any little tidbit of information for my husband who born in a refugee camp in Munich. We know very little, and I still do not know where to start.

My husband's father was born in Translyvania, Romania, his mom, in Budapest. Their first son was born in Dauchon, but had a different dad from the following 4 boys, but we have no name. The following 4 boys were born in various refugee camps in Germany.One was born in Munich Germany.

The whole family immigrated to the U.S. believed to be in 1955. My husband remembers seeing the Statue of Liberty as the boat was near the end of it's journey. He also remembers the train ride from the east to California where they settled in El Monte CA. He says a church sponsored his family or group.

Both parents have passed. We are quite sure his mom has living family in Hungary and in Romania. She went back to Hungary and visited her remaining relatives. She came back very happy and had a very good feeling about the experience, but shared very little of actual helpful info. We are trying to get a connection with a translator so we can contact people listed in the phone directory with same surnames.
Thank you again for giving, you are blessed. Iva Konya

12/28/04 Hi Olga
This is a long shot but we are looking for a girl born near Munich? Oct 1945. We have the first name of the (mother Auntrij or Ontray) and the baby girl, Stormy, but no last name--sadly the mother died giving birth. Our father talked of her always and Stormy did write Dad a letter in 1966 but we don't have any other information to go on. We tried to trace military records but find more questions than answers would you have any suggestions Our father passed in 1994. The boys in our family talked of two things: 1) Dad told them they liberated a camp there were women that looked healthy and taken care of but had been used as experiments, and 2) They let them go. We are wondering if that could have been Ontray. Also dad said there was a large statue of Jesus with a cellar underneath. It that was a landmark at end of war in Germany. I know it must be hard to try to keep up with the web site and to try to help so many. Thank you, Olga. We have been trying every thing and truly appreciate your time and advice. I will try your recommendations. Linda

I am trying to find about my mother's family.
I was born in Loipfering, Germany in 1944.
Mother's name: Theres Liebl. She was Catholic I don't know what this means: "Geb. Rg. Nr. 60 Eging." (Eging is a city in Germany).
My birth certificate says: International Refugee Organization. Area 7 Legal Consultation Office - Laitpold Caserne Munich.
My adopted father: Boris Charatjan, worker, national of Russia. Married to Theres Charatjan, born Liebl, married in Bad Hohenstadt, both were residing in Grunwald, Bavaria Germany. Renate Theresia Liebl

10/24/05 My father in law escaped Lithuania, and spent time with this mother and older brother in a DP camp north of Munich. He says it was called English Scott. I am trying to get any and all information for this camp as I cannot find it online. Thanks, Mary Strickland Dibonas

Munchen - Bogenhausen (U.S. zone) Russian Boy Scout troops in camp.

Munich-Laim Area Team 1066

München Neu Freimann

Munchen - Feldmoching (U.S. zone) Russian Boy Scout troops in camp.

Munchen - Freimann (U.S. zone) Russian Boy Scout troops in camp. Ernst-von Bergmann-Kaserne has its own page.

Munchen - Funk Caserne - transit camp, Emigration & Repatriaion Center - See Funk

Munchen - Schleissheim

2/20/2011 Dear Olga,
as I was passing on information of your great website I had a complaint that the DP Camp of Munich 'Schleissheim' was not mentioned. I am attaching a Schleissheim document to whomever is interested, but unfortunately it is in Ukrainian which I am ashamed to confess that I cannot understand. Yours,

Anthony Schlega

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