Kassel DP Camp Germany

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Kassel DP Camp (US zone) Lithuanians, Estonians
City archive: Stadtarchiv Kassel,
Address: Wildemannsgasse 1
D-34117 Kassel,
Phone: (49)-0561-787-4050
Fax: (49)-0561-787-4060

Kirchenbuchamt Kassel (ev.)
Address: Gesamtverband der Evgl. Kirchengemeinden, Kirchenbuchamt, Lutherplatz 6, D-34117 Kassel, Tel. (0561) 70006-0

Lithuanians in shoemakers' workshop learning new trade
Photo from Hearken Then Judge by Juozas Pasilaitis, submitted by Frank Passic

10/30/06 Dear Olga,
My father, Ivan Kaupanger, (now deceased) was a young US service man who volunteered to stay in Europe after World War II. He told me a very touching story once, and I was never able to find out the details. I know there are millions of stories like this one, but in my search I thought I would send you a note just in case it sounds familiar.

He said he worked in the motor pool and delivered some of the mail. One of the cities he mentioned was Kassel. He befriended a young Polish woman who was working in the hospital. She told him she knew her parents had been killed, but she did not know the fate of the rest of her family. She mentioned she had a sister.

He started looking. As he traveled as part of his duties he started looking in the various Displaced Persons Camps. He actually broke some of the rules as he was looking. He eventually found the sister and checked her out of the DP Camp and took her back to the sister in the hospital. The reunion was VERY emotional and happy. I have no idea of the sisters' names, but if any of this sounds familiar to anyone, I would love to hear more. Thank you, Jim, Elverta, California, USA jakaupanger1@yahoo.com

11/7/06 Hi Olga,
My name is john Wojtowicz. I live in Perth, Western Australia. I am trying to collate my father's history. His name was Mieczyslaw Wojtowicz. He was born in Poland in a town called Kamionka Strumilowa and is Catholic by religion. According to my mother he may have served in The British Army Polish regiment (1941 to 1943). In 1944 he ended up in Germany and became a forced labourer. After the war he worked as a baker in a place called Hohenciken or Hohenkurhen. This place was near Kassel. He met my mother, Helena, who was a displaced person as well at the military airbase at Kassel. They got married and moved to Australia in 1949. I have various questions to ask:
1) Where can I look to find out where my Dad was kept during 1944 and 1945? Is their a register of forced workers anywhere?. Also if some records exist would it contain any personal details i.e, place of birth, next of kin, status, prisoner of war, etc.?
2) Did a camp in Hohenciken or Hohenkurchen exist? Also what was the name of the displaced persons camp near Kassel called? Would that camp have any records?

Thank you for taking the time to read this email. John.Wojtowicz@wojkelly.com.au

3/31/08 - Olga,
I have this curiosity about it that I'd like to pass onto my sons and grandchildren about their heritage.  My mother told me that we were in a displaced persons camp in Kassel, Germany (Camp Hasenhecke) until we left for the US from Bremen. I have tried through various sources to obtain information about our immigration and all have been unsuccessful, even the HIAS, which is the organization that helped bring us to the country claims not to have records.  What I'd like to know from you is whether you have any suggestions for me that might be helpful.   I appreciate anything you can do for me. Frieda (Friedman) Etkin Frieda629@aol.comÝ

Cinderella 1

12/3/12 Hi Olga,
My parents were Estonians in the Kassel camp who came out to Perth West Australia and stayed at the Northam Camp. Here are some pictures I have of the UNRRA camp Kassel and the Estonians there. Happy for you to post them. Regards Tina pricefam1987@gmail.com


Kassel Cinderella 3

Cinderella 3

Kassel Sol Disa F

Sola Disa Fiedler

Kassel Estonian Dancers

Photo 8

Kassel Group

Kassel Group

Kassel Singers on Stage

Singers on Stage

Kassel singing on stage

Singers on Stage

Photos above:
Cinderella 1: Lia Klinge plays the Wicked Stepmother in a production of Cinderella which I understand she helped to organise with some of the children.
Cinderella 2: This is the cooks presenting a wedding cake to Cinderella (apparently made of cardboard and iced with coldcream and toothpaste).
Cinderella 3: These are some Latvian Boys performing some gymnastics at the same event.
Sola Disa Fiedler: The woman named Sol Disa Fiedler was the Welfare Officer. She was Norwegian and lovely apparently. She left in 1947, (they had a big leaving do), to marry an American officer.
Photo 8: Estonians dancing dancing on a rooftop: Kaljo Tarik, Leida Tarik, Vello Sakk, Magda Savi, unknown, unknown, Heino Luik, Lia Klinge  
Kassel Group - if you recognize your parents, let us know.

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