Hasenhecke Displaced Persons Camp, Germany

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1/29/05 Hello to you Olga.
Great site. I am researching a dp camp for my husband, who was born in one. I am almost positive that the camp was called DP Camp Hasenhecke. Although I find no mention of it anywhere. The info I had was that it was called 'hazeneke' or some sort of version of that (obviously the spelling was a phoneticized version). Do you know anything about this particular camp? Thank you and thank you for a wonderful site. Susan Caspi

Reply: Hasenhecke lies near the town of Kassel and is today a suburb of Kassel. See Kassel archives. Wolfgang Strobel, author of Post der befreiten Zwangsarbeiter - Displaced Persons Mail Paid in Deutschland 1945 - 1949.

Enclosed are some pictures. My father (now 90 years old) was a camp leader for a couple of years, and has some pictures and memories.
Shmuel sp98@peleg.net

Hasenhecke entry

Entry gate to DP Camp Hasenhecke


doc-protokol #1

Independence was announced.


Protodol Exodus

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