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Hiddingsel (British zone)

Hildesheim,#2815, Land Niedersachsen (British zone), mostly Poles
City archive: Stadtarchiv Hildesheim
Am Steine 7
31134 Hildesheim
Tel: 0 51 21 - 1 68 10
Fax: 0 51 21 - 16 81 24

Hiltrup, 3 camps (British zone)

Hindenburg, Ansbach, Bavaria UNRRA Team 548 Mr. Roland, director.
Article about camp life. Hindenburg, Ulm

"In April 1949 a group of 375 Jews left the DP camp in Eschwege to make 'alija' (to go to Israel). They were free people. But when their train arrived in Ulm, they were asked to go into the DP barracks. The Jews were not willing to follow this order. Why should they do this? For 34 hours they did strike in the wagons. Then they were forced by armed military police to leave the train and they were brought to the Hindenburg barrack (another large DP camp in Ulm). A photograph documents this event in 49, showing the row of military police at the train, not at the regular railway station, but at the ramp." Written by C. Maihoefer, / Germany, 2003

Hochfeld (Augsburg), lies in Bavaria
http://kontaktanzeigen.regionalinfo.de City archive: Stadt archiv Augsburg
Fuggerstr. 12 D-86150
Tel: (0821) 3 24 38 82 (office)
fax: (0821) 3 24 38 83
email: stadtarchiv.stadt@augsburg.de

Hello. I am writing from Ohio and would like to inquire about any information I might be able to find out about this Camp Hochfeld as I was born there. We came to the States in 1953. I believe we were there for 5 years. I am very curious about locating any information or people from that time. I am researching Elza Ozols SILIS and Peteris T. SILIS. Can you help me or tell me where I can find more information? Thank you. Mirdza SILIS Westcott

Hof an der Saale

Hof and Hof (Saale) is the same town. Wolfgang Strobel, author of Post der befreiten Zwangsarbeiter - Displaced Persons Mail Paid in Deutschland 1945 - 1949:

City archives: Stadtarchiv Hof an der Saale
Unteres Tor 9
95028 Hof an der Saale
Tel.: 49-9281-815-621
Fax: 49-9281-815-621
Email: hof-07@hof.baynet.de
Web: http://www.hof.net

Soldiers' Stories: William M. McConahey... Military map the east to Nuremberg on the west and Hof on the north to Regensberg

I just found your site. My wife was born in a DP camp in Hof, Germany Any ideas? Alan Steinfeld

I, with my family, lived at the Hof-Saale -- May 27, 1945 - Oct 3 1945. Please contact: Silvia Wolff

I am searching informations about Wolf SZMIETANA, borne 20 may 1920 in Warsaw, from Abram and Gitla. He lived Pawia 48. He was in DP camp of Hof an Saale in 1948. Vangheluwe.smietan@laposte.net


Hofgeismar (near Kassel)

UNNRA Team 511:
H. Pessoa
L. Taylor
E. Harrison
K. Welhaven
S. Franks - Dr.

Hohenfels; Poles I read the article on the camp at Wildflecken. My parents and I were there in 1950 before we migrated to Australia. My mother, a forced labourer in Germany. My father spent the war years in concentration camps, in Poland, Germany and France. I was born in DP camp Hohenfels. We were also in Bad Reichenhall, Hanau, Incikofen.

Mum told me once that she had no money to buy a dress for her wedding, no ring, no shoes etc., so they borrowed everything and a kind women on the camp fixed her hair and put a little net on her head and that was it; nothing fancy. They married in a Polish monk's monastery somewhere nearby by a Polish Monk or Brother, the closest thing to a priest. To celebrate their wedding they were given a barrel of alcohol by the monks. Whilst my father was away with the Compania Wartownicie under the American Occupation, my mother stayed at DP Camp Hohenfels with me till 1949.

I used my naturalization papers which had my name, D.O.B., and born in Germany. I backtracked with the Australia Archives and immigration. I learned where I was born; what camps; names of grandparents; from where in Poland my parents came.

I found mum's and dad's families in Poland. In 2000 we had them visit Australia and meet their parents whom they hadn't seem since babies. Very emotional, especially for mum's son. He and his wife were with us for 4 days and mum died of a massive stroke. I sometimes think to myself if it might have been better to leave the past behind, but you can't change things, and mum sent me on this journey to find her son. I started digging for this needle in a haystack and opened up a big pot of family secrets. My father and I have always had a strange relationship and now we do not talk. All very sad. I wrote a small article, if you are interested.
Warm regards, Maria Nolan / Australia

Hohne (see Belson) #2512 (British zone) 9,000 Jews, Balts, Dutch,
The personal documents of the former residents of the Bergen-Belsen DP-Camp (also named Hohne Camp).

These documents are still in the register office of the cityhall of Bergen. If you have any questions about birth- or death certificates or about civil mariage certificates you can write to:

Postal address (P.O. Box):
Standesamt Bergen
Postfach 1199
D-29296 Bergen
Street Address for visitors:
Standesamt Bergen
Deichend 3
D-29303 Bergen
Phone: +49 (0) 50 51 / 479 0
Fax: +49 (0) 50 51 / 479 39
Marlene Habermannmarlene.habermann@bergen-online.de Tel 05 05 1 / 47 91 9
To find the marriage certificates at least the month and year of marriage should be known. The lady responsible for this kind of requests speaks English quite well, so there should be no difficulties in communication.

About the locaton of documents concerning the religious marriages nothing is known, I'm sorry. Schulz, Elfriede Elfriede.Schulz@stiftung-ng.de

Stadtarchivar: Kurt-Werner Seebo Email: Kurt-Werner.Seebo@bergen-online.de Tel.: 05051/911 107
The city link :http://www.bergen-online.de/index1024.htm

Holthausen (British zone)

Holzminden, #289, Land Niedersachsen (British zone)

Horneburg, Lower Saxony (British zone)

Höxter / Hoexter (British zone), Poles

Hückeswagen / Hueckeswagen, Poles

Hulchrath, Poles

Hullern, 2 camps (British zone)

Huntlosen, #262 (formerly 227) Land Niedersachsen (British zone)

Hüsten / Huesten

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