Ukrainians in Bradford, Yorkshire, England

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Alan Newark in front of Ukrainian Autocephalic Orthodox church Parish of St. Mary protectress in Bradford, Yorkshire, England - Nov. 2005

Front of church with the Orthodox cross.

Close up of plaque: commemorating man-made Ukrainian famine-genocide in 1932-33 in USSR under Stalin. Some speculate that the seven million is far too conservative, that it was in fact, closer to ten million genocide in Ukraine. Stalin had ordered transplants of population from other parts of USSR to hide the fact that ten million disappeared from Ukraine.

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Brama's Scotland links in Great Britain

Sheffield-Yorkshire, Selby: 8 Jul 2001 Hi Alan,
I am currently engaged in researching the history of the Ukrainians whilst in internment here in the UK. My records Ukrainians held in 2 camps in Yorkshire in the Spring of 1947. These were (nos of Ukrainians in each given at the end):

Camp No 17 Sheffield - Yorkshire: 78 men
Camp No 53 Selby in Yorkshire: 165 men
I have no record of Eden Camp. Where was it located and what was the camp number? Best wishes, Michael Melnyk

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