Ansbach(US Zone)

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Ukrainian, Jews

Bleidorn-kaserne in Ansbach held 6000 DPs. memories of Ansbach
. . . Ansbach, subcamp of Flossenburg, opened March 13, 1945;
. . . closed on April 1, 1945, approx. 500 prisoners.

City recorder: Birth or marriage certificates, address your letter to the Standesamt, Johann-Sebastian Bach Platz 1
91522 Ansbach, Germany
Tel: 0981) 51-0
Fax: 0981) 51-303

Archive: Stadtarchiv Ansbach
Karlsplatz 7/9
91522 Ansbach

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Olga, I have been reading your site. I am Jo Anne Giubilato, a literature and art teacher who just recently moved to Bechhofen (Grossenreid) Germany which is part of Ansbach Germany. I am writing a story about the area and wonder if you have any dat, or can direct me to the right places. Were there any camps here? It has really been any eye-opener moving to this area. There is very little information that I can find on the WWII Jewish percecussion, expcept for a few items and the mandate by Hitler prohibiting Jews from the Ansbach area. Now I understand why my Jewish friends in the states said they would meet me in Italy to visit. I thought it was just because of the warmer weather. Thank you so much and I hope I haven't intruded in any way. Jo

4/12/05 Hello Olga,
My mother was in a DP camp in Aschaffenburg. She also lived in Ansbach and was in a forced labor camp in Lauf ad Pegnitz. (On a map I see Lauf Pegnitz a little right of Nurnberg. Its a suburb.I've seen it as Lauf A.D. Pegnitz as well.) I am looking for more information between the time she left the forced labor camp and then showed up in Ansbach, 1945. She must have been in a camp in Nurnburg, but I am not sure. I can't ask her, she passed away in 1987.

This is the picture taken in Ansbach of a wedding. I am the little girl on the left of the groom holding his hand. On the back of this picture it said 1950.

I think this is my baptism in Aschaffenburg. My mother is the 2nd lady to the left of the priest. I am in the arms of the 3rd lady to the left of the priest. But you can't see me. All you can see is a white blanket. I think the name of the priest is Stefan Rychlicki. Because that is the name on a Baptism that he performed on my mother. You have a great website. Nell

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