Linz DP Camp, Austria

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Displaced Persons -Linz, DP Camps in Austria


Oberösterreichisches Landesarchiv
A-4010 Linz,
Anzengruberstrasse 19
Tel: +43 (732) 7720-14602
FAX: +43 (732) 7720-14619

City archive - Stadtarchiv Linz , website: contact: Dr. Fritz Mayrhofer or Dr. Walter Schuster
Archiv der Stadt Linz
Hauptstrasse 1-5, Postfach 1000, A-4041 Linz
Tel: +43 (0)70/7070-2961
Fax: +43 (0)70/7070-2962

Diözese Linz
A-4020 Linz, Harrachstrasse 7
Tel. (0732) [0043 732] 771205 221, 222, 223

Photos below:
Figure 69 - Liquid spraying of bedding, one measure taken to improve snaitation at displaced persons' camps, is accomplished in a camp near Linz, Austria, July 1945. Source: Med. Dept./US Army

Figure 68 - The power spray proved to be a quick and effective weapon against body lice. DDT is applied at displaced persons' cmap in LInz, Austria, July 1945.Source: Med. Dept./US Army

DDT spraying

Spraying for lice

spraying bedding for lice

Spraying of bedding

See for more photos and stories:
City Views
Rubble - bomb damage
LandHaus - UNRRA/IRO Headquarters
Farewell Party - D.P. Camp "Maurice L. Tyler", Wegscheid Team 337

9/10/04 Dear Olga,
I just discovered your website on displaced persons camp. It is a wonderful site. I was born at the displaced persons camp in Linz, Austria in 1946. My father told me that my mother died after birth but about two weeks ago I was informed that she is alive. My mother's name is Sara Zajdman (maiden name Bobrowska) and my father's name David Zajdman. I was born Ginendla Zajdman.

My mother lives in a state ward (hospital) in Graz, Austria. She is 84 years old and has been in hospitals since she suffered from postpartum depression after giving birth to me. She was written down as being Catholic so nobody knew she existed. You can imagine that I was shocked hearing all these details.

I'd appreciate it, if you could assist me in attaining information about the DP Camp in Linz. In addition, how may I receive information regarding my mother's background. She was born in Wilno, Poland. I would like to if any of her relatives are alive. I would appreciate any help you could give me. Thanking you in advance. Gila Rosenbloom / Israel

4/10/05 Hi Olga
Just found your website and what a great site.

Searching for my father:
My name is Nena and I'm searching for any information possible regarding the people in these photos (especially in Photo 1 of the man, woman and child). Many thanks Nena Sunners / Australia

Child in Photo 1 (below), she is searching for her father. She was born in WWII Linz a.d. Donau, Ebelsberg, Ufer 6 in 1942 or 1943.

8/21/07 Dear Olga,I have been reading through all the information on your website. Thank you for collecting and publishing this information. I am trying to find information about my father's father's mother, Anna Hubar Kurosz, born circa 1980, who died in Linz, Austria in 1943. She was Polish Catholic and transported by the Nazis from her home village of Terebejno to Baranovichi where she was seriously injured by a German soldier. She was then transported along with at least her son, Jozef Kurosz, by truck to Linz, Austria where she died of her injuries.

My grandfather told me that she was "buried" in Linz. Jozef settled in Zielona Gora, Poland after the war. I have contacted the Linz city manager who has checked their database for the cemeteries in the city, and she is not listed. Assuming she was buried in a work camp, do you have any suggestions as to how I might continue my search? I am planning to be in Linz, Austria in December for one day, and thought I might be able to find a Polish cemetery/church related to the work camp there. Thank you for your time,
Joseph Kurosz,, Sandown, NH

Reply from Klaus:
The most important were the (at least) 3 outposts of the Mauthausen concentration camp: Linz I, II and III
see also
There were no female inmates in these camps in 1943, I.

But there were many other camps for forced labourers, a lot of them coming from Poland.
Here some camps with Polish inmates (mostly situated at or near the factory, for which they had to work):

Company Camps

Gummiwerke Semperit /Hermann Göring Reichswerke
Ingenieure Mayreder, Kraus & Co
Julius Meinl AG
Rosenbauer(fire fighter equipement)
V. A. W.

Because most of the camps were controlled by SS, I think, that (at least) the larger ones (with a high amount of deaths) had own burial sites (mass graves ?) and that probably none of the dead forced labourers have been buried "normally" at the city cemetories (the civilians should not notice the many dead bodies ...) !

But if you want to verify this, you may ask the following institutions:

- Archiv der Stadt Linz (City of Linz Archives):
- Landesarchiv OÖ (Archives of the State of Upper Austria):
Best wishes, Klaus

Jackileen R. Rains sent school photo on 5/18/10
I’m sending photo of a group of school children from Lager 65, Linz Austria. The teacher is Herr Quass. Front row second girl in is Kathe Kramer. We do not know the rest of the children. Someone might be interested in this photo, so we would be happy if you posted it to your website. Thanks.

Lager 65 School  in Linz

Jackileen R. Rains

New List Linz-Ebelsberg.: 1/2/2013 Dear Olga!
Here some news: I have build a list fo the former inhabitants of the jewish DP-Camp "Star of David", located in Linz-Ebelsberg.

Everybody who is searching for relatives can contact me with full datas of his relatives which lived in the camp. I will search the name of the relative on the list and give more infos about the staying of these relative in Linz-Ebelsberg.
T. G. Lackner
Upper Austria

Apr 4, 2015
DP-Camp Number 65 in Linz/Upper Austria
Dear Olga, again working on a list of residents of an Austrian DP camp. This time, the names of all 'which collected and archived, which were then placed in the Camp number 65 in Linz. Already, families and individuals can contact us if you'd like to know when and where the requested person was housed in the DP camp. It would be helpful to specify the biographical information and further details of the life of the person sought. Who wants to support a good cause, however, with the already complete data of its nationals from the bearing 65 and the barrack number and the length of stay while, is welcome to forward this to compare with our data. We would also appreciate this support very much. And something important: Our offer is no commercial interests. Our service is free.
Happy Easter, T. G. Lackner / Austria

Linz Hospital, Land Upper Austria, (US zone), Jews,
Archiv der Stadt Linz (City of Linz Archives):
Landesarchiv OÖ (Archives of the State of Upper Austria):

Paper: Von der Gartenstadt zur Barackenstadt und retour, Die zlinzer Barackenlager des Zweiten Weltkrieges bis zu ihrer Auflosung (Lackner, 1987; paper: part of Historisches Jahrbuch 1986) Translation: From the Town of Gardens to that of Barracks [shacks] - and back. The WWI Barrack Camps of Linz till their Closing

Informative pages with photos about DPs in Linz (especially Bindermichl)

Asten Camp 117 Barrack 27 Linz, Asten
De: "studio .Z" <>
Assunto: Information
Data: 10 de dezembro de 2021

I am looking for information and documents about László Klar and Julia Klar who lived in Asten Camp 117 until March, 1954 (not sure the date or arrival yet). They were Hungarian Jews, who escaped from Nazism.

Their daughter Roza Erika Klar was born in the camp on October 17, 1950. We have her birth certificate (attached), but I would like to have any documents about her parents. Can you hep me? Thank you!

Roza Birth Certificate

Austria DP camps P-R

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