Haid DP Camps in Austria

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Displaced Persons Haid Camps Austria

HAID / ANSFELDEN (Oberösterreich, US zone) - Between 1945 and 1964 the DP Camp Haid was located in the district Haid near Linz,

Ansfelden is a town in the Austrian state of Upper Austria. The rivers Traun and Krems run through the municipality. The town is perhaps best known for being the birthplace of the composer and organist Anton Bruckner.

The DP camp Haid, officially Wohnsiedlung 121 Haid, was a camp for displaced persons first under the American administration, then the Upper Austrian administration. It was located in the district of Haid, Ansfelden in Upper Austria. Displaced persons were civilians who were affected by the turmoil of World War II, first with unknown residence.

After the Second World War Ansfelden belonged to the American occupation zone. The camp was set up by the American military administration at the existing labor camp of the Wehrmacht from 1945. In September the same year between 8.000 and 9.000 captured SS men were guarded by American soldiers in the camp, who had to continue efforts to expand. In the following years, the camp was populated with displaced Jews from Poland and the homeless from Yugoslavia, Romania, Hungary, Germany, Czechoslovakia and Transylvania, Sudeten Germans and Croats. In October 1956, when in Hungary the uprising against Communist rule was crushed by Russian armored troops, some 700 refugees arrived in the last stocks of the camp. Children's Hospital

Jan 3, 2014
Dear Olga! A temporary accommodation list of former DP camp in Haid (near Linz) has now set up our new hand. So if you want to know which of his ancestors and relatives which was then in barracks in the camp Haid in which year housed, can contact us - unsw stating the already known information, such as date of birth, origin, CV. over the person sought - contact. We will then endeavor to provide the appropriate accommodation data in the DP camp Haid from our list for the or the requestor.
Greetings from Austria sends T. G. Lackner firstsouthart@hotmail.com

Nov 16, 2015
I wrote a new thesis about the allied POW's in the Camp Haid (Upper Austria).
This thesis can be ordered under the following E-mail address: FirstSouthArt@hotmail.com
Best Regards!
T. G. Lackner
Austro-American Historian, Austria

Here are two examples from the detailed researched work in THE DISPLACED  by T. G. Lackner, about the Austrian Camp Haid and its sub-camps. These photos taken from Chapter 7 - German POW's in Camp Haid.
Haid 1
haid 2

From Shanty Town
haid beauties
Children & Aunt

Haid children
Teaching New Generation

Haid DP camp kindergarten in the 1950s; (source: Kirchenzeitung Oö)

Catholic Event

haid Fleischerei

The butcherie "Repa" at Camp Haid

If anybody has questions about my DP Camp-research or book, please contact T. G. Lackner at: FirstSouthArt@hotmail.com

Repa family in Fasching

Family Repa in Fasching 1951.

Monument for Camp Haid - Call from Austria to the whole world!
On the former camp site of the the multi-camp Haid, Austrian Citizen T. G. Lackner projects a relevant monument.
So far, the local responsible persons did not commit this theme. In order to make the relevant authorities aware of the importance of this venture, T. G. Lackner is starting now a large-scale signature campaign. All "former" prisoners or refugees, whether at that time service obligated, in the Camp Haid or their offspring, can participate.

Please provide your support statement, including your current address, at the following address:

As a small thanks for your personalised support, 3 CD's will be raffled across the camps in Upper Austria. For organizational reasons, the deadline for submitting your valid support statement must be 31 December 2017.
Sincerely, T. G. Lackner, Aug. 10, 2017

8/27/08 Hello Ms. Kaczmar,
I have written a brand new brochure about the DP-Camp 121 Haid/Upper Austria, titled DP Camp 121 in Zeitzeugenberichten. (It's a brochure in German language!) The price is 39,90 Euro for the CD (except shipping) and 43,90 Euro for the brochure (except shipping).

I think many people want to read this interesting book about DP's in the heart of Austria and maybe buy one of the exemplares.
Thanks a lot and best regards, PzBtl-Austria-2006@web.de

7/29/18 Hello from Germany!
I found this excellent new Homepage of the DP-Camp Haid in Austria.

Thousands of people had to life in the dwellings at HAID near LINZ in UPPER AUSTRIA for years. The Camp Inhabitants were workers form all parts of Europe, bombed out Germans, POW's, Jewish, DP's. The Austro-American Historian T.G. Lackner plans a memorial for all these people and others, which suffered years ago in the baracks of Haid. Unfortunally the local politicans are not amused about Lackner's planed Monument for the "Lager Haid" and do all what is avaiable in her Power to suppress this project. Let us virtually commemorate the oppressed of the former camp in Upper Austria. More details about the Camp HAID near the Traun-river under following adress: thomas_lackner@public.linz.at

Lackner gives answer for all your questions about the local Haid-history. Please write with your personal story about your time in the camp, and show in your mail your old photos and documents. https://www.fold3.com
Submitted by Alenka Maly Shugie@24-mail.com

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